Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kickstarting my days

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, just never got around to it. Well I figured out, if I’m going to start something new, might as well share it. On top of it, it will kind of force me to be more dedicated to the whole thing if I have people checking back for new stuff daily (or weekly, or monthly…whatever).

So where do we start? Well you need to know that I’ve pretty much always lived an intense nightlife. Party kind of guy who goes to bed late - and not always sober, if ever - and usually as a hard time getting up when morning arise. That was part of the initial plan weeks ago when I decided to move on with my life. So the parties are now under control (not saying they’re gone but) and the waking up part as been made that much easier since.

So the next step is waking up even earlier and doing some running or some riding before going to work – wait….there actually is something such as a BEFORE work?! Well apparently there is, and apparently it’s all bright and sunny with rainbows and butterflies; or so I’ve been told. We’ll have to check that one out. Next is something I haven’t done in years now, that weird thing associated with morning – word that apparently is more than a concept in a dictionary, and defines a certain time laps when I’d usually woke up with my head pounding and go for a huge glass of water and a pee, and back to bed. Yes, I’m talking about breakfast! That alone should do for a great start.

Now if I could manage some time in between the two, I could probably even squeeze in a shower, just for good measure!

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