Monday, November 2, 2009

Note to self.

The week-end being what it's been - Halloween night on friday, recording on Saturday and Sunday, pool night yesterday with long time haven't seen friends - I haven't had time to pick up proper running shoes. Well, it's more like I haven't took the time really, and being the lazy person I am, I'm sure I could've manage to squeez it in there but just didn't.

One thing I did took the time to do though is make a mental note to go buy at least one pair of cycling shorts! Now you can clearly see that I'm not that much of a real cyclist not owning any real cycling gear what so ever besides gloves and a helmet (actually 3 helmets, wich isn't too bad a thing if you consider that the only place I've put my money on is safety!) Wich led me to think about the fact that toe clips are ok for now, but that eventualy a pair of clipless pedals and a pair of shoes won't be a luxury....and a cycling jersey, and a rain cover, and a computer, and, and, and......

There's always a piece of equipement that we don't really need, but we'd like to have. Or we don't really need but then how are we gonna look?! That's just marketing and at the end of the day, we're all too happy to fall for it every now and then! Come to think about it, don't we suddently feel the urge to ride when we just got a new piece of equiupement to try out. Anyway.

Should I get to kick my self hard enough in the butt, maybe you'll get to see my rides. Now I'd just need to take a couple of snaps and figure out the proper way to post them up. Chances are, I'll take alot more time to try and figure out how to post them up!!!

For those of you living south.....lucky you! For those of you living up north like me, go out and enjoy the wheather for it's awesome (at least here in Montreal), and it may be some of the last really nice days before it gets really cold, starts raining and/or snow starts falling!

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