Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The way I ride - or more accurately, what I ride.

Most people who gave it a try will say it. Once you try fixed you need a REALLY REALLY good reason to go back to a coasting bike. That's just the way it is. So at one point in my life I tried fixed....and never looked back!

Something you need to know: in the last couple of months I've been pretty lucky when it comes to bikes....old bikes I meen. For an example I've found 3 abandoned bikes - ok, 3 frames with parts on them - in the past 4 months. None of them are great bikes, heck, non of them are even decent bikes but hey, they're free!

But it's all good, great bikes, I got these already, so finding all these frames made me a happy man since I'll finaly get to use some of these parts from the parts bin, ride bikes I've never ride before and just generaly try out random stuff. Ride different geometry. Both my "good" bikes are square track geometry (wich I absolutely LOVE btw), these will be different I know. And I just love me a night with some good music on, a pack of beer and an old frame to tear down and set back up. While doing so I just let my mind wander around not thinking about anything specific and that my friend is the best of therapy!

Here's how one of the finds turned out once converted to fixed. For now it's set up as nasty weather/winter beater so I took advantage of the fact I was swapping up stuff on it to change a couple of parts. You'll get the most recent version anytime soon. But for now, summer version:

That's the before pic (sorry for the shitty cell phone quality). Well it's more of an "in between" shot for when I found it it was covered in electrical tape:
Seriously there must have been about 3 full rolls on there. After some cleaning up and regreasing, I threw on some 27" wheels I had lying around, new no name cranks and here's how it turned out:


- Tank grade steel frame. 54 ctc ST, 57 ctc TT.
- Front wheel: 27" laced to Shimano NJS high flange hub (36 spokes).
- Rear wheel: 27" laced to Formula high flange fixed/fixed (36 spokes).
- 16t Formula cog 1/2" - 1/8".
- No name track Crankset with 46t chainring.
- Cheap plastic pedals w/ toe clips.
- Taya 1/2" - 1/8" black chain.
- Beat up San Marco SLR racing saddle.
- Easton bar tape.
- Salvage everything else.

Brake will most likely come off next summer for I used it once and it slacked so much it was useless for the rest of the summer. Haven't had any problems anyway so!

Like I said, has soon as possible I'll take some pics of the winter version and post 'em up.


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