Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Handle bars.

A couple of weeks ago, my flatmate lent me his Nitto bullhorn for me to try on one of my bikes that I had a hard time with. Bike's a Rocky Mountain Borough (that I love btw) and that, I'll be honnest, I bought mostly because it came with Deda Pista bars. I had been wanting a set of those for a while and we all know that the best way to get your hands on a new pair of bars is to buy a whole new bike!

There's something I just love about the look of track drop bars, I can't quite figure out what but there is. I guess it's just the classic clean look of old school track bikes. As those were my first set it took some getting used to, and although I can now say I can ride them just as I ride pretty much anything else I still prefer the feel of bullhorns. I don't know, I just feel more confortable and in control with bulls. I guess it as something to do with reach and my weight being further upfront almost where the front hub is.

Not too long ago he told me he wanted them back. So I just got myself a brand new pair of Pazzaz one. Quite honnestly they're no Nitto, but for someone on a budget man are they worth it!!! Lightweight, confortable, stiff, pretty much anything you'd want.

Now I guess I just need to buy myself a new bike to fit those Deda somewhere!!!

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